Piano sheets for learning how to sight read, with sheets from easy to advanced

I kinda suck at sightreading. I can play, but I can’t really sight read, so I’ve recently made it my goal to (try and) get better at sight reading – but I’ve realised that sight reading resources are kind of hard to find, so I’ve done the work and collected all the sight reading materials I could find.

I’ve sorted them from easy to intermediate to advanced, and I’ve got zip folders with all the easy sheets, intermediate sheets, advanced sheets if you want to download them all at once instead of going individually.

You can download them through the Forest (click here to sign up and get a password). If you came here through email, the password is at the bottom of the email you got.

Easy PNG

Easy Sightreading 1

Easy Sightreading 2 (Exercises 1-12)

Easy Sightreading Forest

Intermediate PNG

Intermediate Sightreading 1

Intermediate Sightreading 2 (Exercises 13-29)

Intermediate Sightreading Forest

Advanced PNG

Advanced Sightreading 1

Advanced Sightreading 2 (Exercises 30-100)

Advanced Sightreading 3 (Chopin Waltzes –  These are really difficult to play, let alone sight read, but they’re quite beautiful and the rhythms are generally pretty straightforward so I thought I’d chuck them in)

Advanced Sightreading Forest


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